Kung fu monk yanks 18 tonne bus along a road with his p*nis and everyone’s asking one question

A kung fu monk pulled an 18 tonne coach by just using his p*nis leaving shocked viewers with just one question: “Why?”


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To the sound of gasps and laughter, the unnamed martial arts enthusiast goes to great lengths to impress the dozen or so onlookers. Many cannot help but film the painful stunt – involving what appears to be a standard 13 metre long coach which weighs around 18 tonnes.

This video footage has racked up more than a million views in just half a day. The footage begins with the bald-headed monk already having attached his p*nis to the gold-colored bus via a towing chain and what appears to be a red scarf or rope.


The incredible video has over a million views in just half a day


Wearing an over-sized baggy shirt to protect his modesty – and n*ked from the waist down save for his black socks – the monk leans back and begins to proudly drag the coach. To prove there is no trickery involved he throws his arms out to the side so there can be no doubt that this is a display of nothing other than ‘p*nis power’.

As the bus picks up speed he brings his fists down to his waist to focus all his energy on keeping up the impressive show of core strength.


The martial arts enthusiast is said to have been honing his skills for decades


The monk carried out the feat in the city of Huizhou in South China’s Guangdong Province. Experts say such a display requires the kung fu master to be in his calmest and most concentrated state – so as not to injure himself.

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