Lambo Driver Gets Into Fight After Being Trolled By 1,000HP GT-R ‘Barbie Car’ in $9,000 Race

It’s funny how supercar owners think they can swing their dicks around and make everyone know they have the fastest car on the block.

But the thing about these noobs is they have so much faith in their supercars that they don’t even bother looking under the hood of the car they’re about to go up against. Big mistake.

Lambo vs GTR

This Lamborghini driver thought he could smoke an old Nissan GT-R, but little did he know the ‘Barbie Car’ he decided to race against had a monstrous 1,000 HP engine under its hood. But he took his opponent’s word it was only 500. Poor bastard lost the race, was robbed of his money and kicked out of the race track for starting a fight.

GTR View

If a bet is worth nine grand, better check that damn hood to know what you’re up against.

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