LaVar Ball Reveals Who Is His Least Favorite Son in Funny Cold Bath Interview with Kevin Hart

Ever since LaVar Ball caught the public’s attention with all his absurd claims and everything else that comes out of his mouth, he has garnered a reputation as an infamous figure in sports.





This is the reason why LaVar Ball was the first guest on Kevin Hart’s new web series entitled ‘Cold as Balls,’ where he interviews athletes while they’re in a tub of ice water, throwing all the questions we all want to ask.



Ice Bath



In this pilot episode, LaVar reveals who is his least favorite son, which isn’t much of a shock and provides no proof whatsoever he can beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game. But to somehow prove he’s got game, he tried cheating his way to beat Kevin Hart in a game of ice bath hoops.



Bath Hoops



Love him or hate him, LaVar is one entertaining individual.



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