Little Baby Elephant Throws A Jumbo Tantrum But His Parents Just Ignore Him

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant throws a jumbo-sized temper tantrum, but in a classic example of old-fashioned parenting, the small pachyderm is ignored by its mother and father.





The herd of elephants are crossing a dirt track at an undisclosed location on the African savanna when the smallest member decides it does not wish to continue any further. Instead of stopping, the adult elephants continue unfazed by the display of petulance.

Little Baby Elephant


A number of elephants cross the dirt track without stopping which then prompts the baby to jump up and race after the herd as it does not wish to be left behind.

Little Baby Elephant Throws A Jumbo Tantrum


According to Daphne Sheldrick, of the Sheldrick Animal Trust, temper tantrums among elephants are quite common.



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