Little Girl with Soldier Parents Gets a Lovely Surprise from Magician at School Show

It’s tough enough to be a soldier and risk life and limb out in the battlefield, but having a family to leave whenever they’re deployed in some foreign country is certainly a lot tougher. This rings especially true for kids who have both parents as soldiers, like this little girl who had both hers deployed overseas for quite some time.

Julia and Brian Woodburn are both US Army soldiers and have been unfortunate enough to not only be deployed separately, but also be away from their daughter Addison at the same time. To surprise her, they requested Gilbert Jr. High School to host a magic show for that sole reason.

Mom AppearsAfter the magician calls young Addison to ask her where her parents are, she shyly answers they weren’t there. He proceeds to perform a show she’ll never forget.

Dad Appears

The magician first had mom appear from out of a box and had dad take off the mascot gear for the big reveal.

Family Reunion

Damn onion ninjas are at it again.

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