Little Girl’s Clay Sculpture Is Not What You Think

There’s so much creativity in this kid that she decided to make a dolphin on wheels.

I wonder where she got the inspiration.
four-year-old daughter's modelling clay creation
Erika Salazar-Cianciolo posted a video of her four-year-old daughter’s modelling clay creation. I’m sure most of the people who have watched the footage think it bears a striking resemblance to something else entirely.
it's a dolphin on wheels
In the video, the mom asks her daughter what she made. Little girl answers her bluntly, it’s a dolphin on wheels. The mom though, seems to be having second thoughts about it. But of course, she’s a child, so if she says it’s a dolphin on wheels, then it is. I really think there’s no lie in there, maybe she’ll get better at it next time so everyone won’t get confused anymore.

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