Loudmouth Picks a Fight with Movers, Gets Knocked Out with a Vicious Takedown

People who resort to violence generally end up regretting it quickly, with the aggressors often getting the short end of the stick, like this belligerent thug who painfully learned not to mess with movers doing their jobs.

For reasons unknown based on the video, a shirtless man is seen visibly furious at two U-Haul movers during an incident in Boston somewhere in the Chinatown district. Despite being told to leave to end the increasingly volatile situation, the thug had no plans of settling the unknown dispute without a fight.

Thug Attack

After hitting a box held by one of the movers, the other decided he’s had enough and faced the obnoxious thug to end the fracas. A vicious takedown that knocked the thug out and left spread-eagled in front of a van was all it took.

Takedown Win

That’ll make him think twice about messing with movers ever again.

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