Man and Robot Face-Off in Fruit Ninja Slicing Competition

Machines have been slowly replacing man in performing actions that only humans are supposed to do. This is a huge benefit for the human race, since we can use robots to do tasks that would be considered dangerous for us to do. Robots are more precise and are considerably stronger, making it better for them to complete these tasks. To highlight their extraordinary capabilities, the Yaskawa Electric Corporation began holding the Yaskawa Bushido Projet, a competition to showcase the abilities of their industrial robots. They pit their own samurai robot MOTOMAN-MH24 against master swordsman Isao Machii in a battle to find out which is the better fruit ninja in real life.

The engineers analyzed the master swordsman’s movements and reproduced those movements with MOTOMAN.

Fruit Ninja Fight

They both go through a series of slicing competitions leading to a final battle.

Final Battle

It’s nothing short of outstanding. It’s amazing how technology has advanced over the years.

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