Man battered with weapons – including spiked bat and machete – barely flinches in incredible body armour

A gutsy man was battered with knives and a spiked bat as he demonstrated possibly the world’s toughest body armor.


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As a volley of weapons were unleashed on the man, a small knife was repeatedly thrust at his upper chest but the blade failed to penetrate the armour.

In video footage of the test, the reinforced vest repels blows from a baseball bat, a spiked bat and even a machete. Standing tall with a dead pan expression on his face the willing victim does not flinch as he receives each striking blow.


The willing victim takes a blow with a baseball bat while wearing the armour


He is battered with a metal bar, before calmly handing the tester a knife so he can stab him with it.

As he is whacked with a spiked bat, bangs ring out but the man is not injured. And, in a true test of nerves, the pair then decide to test the strength of the forearm guard with a machete.


A machete is used towards the end of the astonishing demo


Should the armed man bring the blade down at the wrong angle his colleague would lose a limb. Thankfully for everyone watching he doesn’t.

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