Man Born with Rare Condition Has His Heart Beating Outside His Rib Cage

The heart is one of the most essential organs of our body and also the most delicate, which are both reasons why it is protected by the sternum and rib cage. Almost all of us are quite fortunate to have been born normal with this kind of physiological structure, but sadly an extremely rare few are not.

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18-year-old Arpit Gohil was born with the a rare condition called ectopia cordis wherein his heart is situated outside the protective enclosure of the rib cage, with the organ seen beating just under his skin.

Heart Out

Arpit is one of only 165 people known to have this kind of medical condition, which can be quite dangerous since a fall or a slight bump can be fatal. But what’s more fascinating about this is Arpit hasn’t let this affect his life, and still functions normally as he goes about his work driving tractors and handling crops at a farm in his hometown in Gujarat, India.

Farm Work

Arpit is now considering surgery to correct this defect, which would be great since doing heavy farm work with his condition is extremely hazardous to his health.

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