Man Builds a Mud Hut Shelter With His Bare Hands

Surviving in the wild takes a lot of grit, determination and tons of preparation. You wouldn’t last a few days out there if you don’t know squat about how to keep yourself alive. You need to know the basics for survival, and it’s not a walk in the park to have access to the basics if you are alone with nothing on you. Before going for fire, water and food, the first thing you have to find or build is shelter, and this guy nails it using only his bare hands.

He built a mud hut from tools he made himself, starting with a stone cutter to cut out tree trunks and branches to build the framework of the hut.


After starting his own fire, he created his own clay pots to bring in water needed to make mud for the walls.


And filled the hut’s walls with mud.

Mud Walls

Even building his own chimney for the fire.

Mud Hut

This is one dude you’d want to be with to survive in the wild.

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