Man Films His Entire House Collapse Into A Hole In Mexico

This is the moment a man casually stood back and watched his entire house collapse, capturing the destruction on camera. On an otherwise tranquil day in Monterrey, Mexico, tiny chunks of debris are seen falling gently off the white building at the start of the 24-second clip. The building then seems to collapse in on itself from the bottom, with the top crashing down soon after.





The white building plunges down into a huge hole in the ground with a thunderous crashing sound. Just as the rubble is settling and a palm tree is revealed set against a bright blue sky, a man wearing noise protection ear muffs steps into view.

Man Films His Entire House


Wearing a hi-visibility jacket and helmet, he watches as dust kicks up from the hole’s base. The structure was reportedly the fourth building to collapse at the site in the capital of Nuevo León state after the failure of a support wall at the development.

Man Films His Entire House Collapse Into A Hole


A retaining wall which was used to bind soil at two different heights is said to have failed in the residential area.



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