Man Foils Robbery Attempt After He Pulls Out a Gun and Starts Shooting

In this crazy and dangerous world we live in, sometimes being vigilant just isn’t enough to keep us safe from harm. Criminals are getting bolder each time they terrorize innocent people who are just trying to live an honest life. This pushes citizens to find ways to defend themselves and avoid falling as victims of these evil crooks, like carrying a firearm.

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An attempted robbery goes terribly wrong when two armed thugs on a motorcycle tried to rob a man inside his car in Brazil. The driver put his hands up when one of them pointed a gun at him.

Boom Robbery

But unknown to the crooks, the man was sneakily pulling out a gun from what seems to be the center console and started shooting at the assailants.

Pulling a Gun

He took out one, but the other hightailed it out of there with his tail between his legs. Probably.

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