Man Has Developed the Most Unusual Friendship with Massive Crocodile After Rescuing It from the Brink of Death

Of all the ferocious man-eating animals, having a large croc as some sort of a pet is just a ridiculous notion. But one man defied the odds and had the most bizarre friendship one in the wild.





When a fisherman named Chito came across a wounded crocodile that had been shot in the eye deep within the Costa Rican jungle, he dragged it into his boat and took it home where he nursed it back to health. But when it was strong enough to be released back into the wild, the croc he named Pocho followed him back home, and thus began their unusual friendship that has now lasted for more than 20 years.



Croc Friend



According to animal experts, Pocho’s odd behavior may have been drastically influenced by a sudden change in its brain activity after the croc’s near-fatal injury. Either way, this is one friendship that’s truly one of a kind.



Croc BFF



Hopefully, their friendship goes beyond the need to satisfy hunger.



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