Man Has Heartwarming Reunion With Gorilla Five Years After Being Released Into the Wild

When animals are rescued and given much needed care by humans, the bond formed between the two species is quite remarkable. The folks at Howletts Wild Animal Park in England took in Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, shortly after his birth and was under the care of conservationist Damian Aspinall. When Kwibi was five, he was released into the forest of Gabon, West Africa as part of a conservation program to re-introduce the gorilla back into the wild. Five years after his release, Damian tried to search for Kwibi, and what happened between them was absolutely incredible.

Damian got on a boat and searched the jungle for Kwibi, not knowing if he could still find him and what could happen if he ever did. He tried calling out for the gorilla during his search that took several hours.

The Search

Suddenly, there was movement in the trees, and from the edge of the river out came ten-year old Kwibi.


The moment was absolutely magical.

Kwibi & Damian

Kwibi didn’t even want to let Damian go.

Not Letting Go

When he got the chance, Damian got on the boat and went back to camp. Incredibly, Kwibi followed him all the way back on the opposite side of the river and stayed there until the next day when Damian went for a swim in the river.


Such an incredible experience.

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