Man Headbutts Shop Window In Hants In The Middle Of The Night

Astonishing CCTV footage shows the incredible moment a man smashes a shop window with a headbutt. Grahame March, owner of The Refill Centre in Gosport, Hampshire, released the footage of the man breaking the window of his shop in the hope that somebody would recognise him. In the bizarre footage, the man, thought to be drunk, approaches the shop window, fails to break it with a punch and then decides to headbutt it.





The man then quickly walks away from the scene, leaving shattered glass in his wake. Mr March, who has owned the printing and computer shop for 14 years, said: ‘I want to find out who has done this. ‘A fellow shop owner on my road looked me up and contacted me after seeing the window broken.

Man headbutts shop window in Hants in the middle of the night


‘I initially thought it was someone trying to steal something as we have laptops and things in the shop window, but when I arrived nothing had been taken.’ Police arrived shortly after and took forensic evidence from the scene while Mr March stayed until 2.30am cleaning up shards of broken glass.

Man headbutts shop window


The store owner had to pay £300 to have the window boarded up and says he will now face a £600 bill to replace it.



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