Man Is Stunned To Realize That The Fish He Caught Has 32 Baby Turtles In Its Belly

A fisherman was filmed slicing open a huge dead fish to find dozens of dead baby turtles inside. Unfortunately, only one baby turtle was still alive when he excavated them from the giant fish.



The clip, thought to have been filmed off the coast of Mexico, shows the man proudly showing off his catch before grabbing a knife.

He makes an incision in the fishes stomach and puts his hand inside to rummage around. He then pulls out a tiny turtle before laying it next to the fish on the deck of his boat.




He goes on to pull out dozens more that were presumably eaten by the huge fish.

The footage was uploaded to LiveLeak where it has since received more than 40,000 views.




One commenter wrote: ‘I think this is a Mahi-mahi fish, sometimes we call them dolphin fish. They are absolute gluttons.’ While another said: ‘Absolutely disgusting – those poor turtles!’

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