Man Knees A Woman In The Face During A Vicious Seven-Person Brawl As Women Rain Down Punches On Each Other’s Heads

A massive 7-person street brawl takes a terrible turn after one man kicks a woman in the face as chaos engulfs the street.

The shocking footage shows several brawlers basing it up on the side of the road. Three women can be seen wrestling on the floor before one repeatedly punches another in the head during the confrontation in the early hours of the morning. Seconds later, a man comes sprinting towards the scuffle and knees the woman right in the face.

Man Knees Woman In Face

But the vicious fight continues as one woman pummels the head of another woman lying on the side of the wet tarmac. Two men arrive to try and calm the situation, but the two ended up fighting themselves. The massive brawl happened Leicester City Centre.

Two Men Fight Each Other As Well

This is just so chaotic.

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