Man Plays Guitar While Undergoing Brain Surgery

Brain surgeries are downright scary. Even if you’re in the able hands of a master surgeon, a lot of things can still go wrong. It is, after all, your brain, the center of all your bodily functions. To reduce the risk of damage, doctors keep the patient awake to carefully monitor and map all brain activity.

33-year old Anthony Kulkamp Dias was in need of surgery to take out a tumor out of his brain. To stay awake, he played guitar while doctors at the Our Lady of Concepcion Hospital in Tubarao, Brazil worked on his brain.

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He discovered the tumor just two weeks after the birth of his son, so his first song “Emanuel” is an original dedicated to his baby. He then played the Beatles classic “Yesterday” while the doctors expertly worked their hands to rid him of his tumor.

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The courage of this man is just incredible.

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