Man Steals Samurai Sword And Proceeds To Attack Owner With It In Shocking Viral Video

Two people are arrested after apparently stealing someone’s samurai sword off their back and attacking him with it outside a bank in Boulder, Colorado.


The video shows two men arguing outside the parking lot when one of them whipped out a sword. The man with the sword starts to yell at the other man at points the blade to his face.

Man Whips Out Samurai Sword

The other man pulls off his gloves and attempts to take pull the sword away by its blade. Instead, the man wielding the sword pulls back and ends up cutting the other mans’ hands. He then whips it around and slashes him on the thigh.

He Cuts The Other Mans Hand

At this point, the victim began to back away from the man with the sword. He followed him in a rage with the look on his face like he wasn’t done. After a small chase, the man casually put the sword back into its sleeve and ran to a nearby bike path.

Sword Weilder Chase Him Down

Did that just happen?

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