Man takes advantage of unconscious drunk woman on Las vegas

Police are appealing for a woman to come forward after they were alerted to “disturbing” footage of a laughing man straddling a woman on the ground and ‘kissing her.’


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In the footage the woman appears unaware of her surroundings and is seen lying on her back along the Las Vegas strip with a half empty bottle next to her.

A man is seen laying on top of her before he appears to kiss her several times all over her face. Dozens of people are seen crowding around the pair as the incident continues with many filming it on their phones and laughing.




The woman barely moves in the video and only half opens her eyes a few times. At one point, another woman is seen walking up to the pair and seemingly asking her, “are you OK?,” before walking away.

Another individual then walks over to the woman before also leaving.




Security guards then begin talking to the man before the video then cuts out.

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