Man’s Mysterious Condition Gives Him Superpowers That Turns Him Into a Human Suction Cup

It appears superpowers are starting to manifest in humans, and this guy is in the running to be a real-life X-Man.





A man with a rare condition appears to have acquired ‘superpowers’ with his ability to stick just about anything to his skin. Dubbed the ‘human suction cup,’ Chicago native Jamie ‘Canhead’ Keeton can stick beverage cans on his head, among other things apart from porous materials.



Jamie Keeton



Keeton, 47, has a mysterious medical condition that’s probably the first of its kind, making his skin act like suction cups akin to an octopus’ tentacles. He can stick cans, bottles and other inanimate objects to his skin anywhere on his body without them falling off.



Human Suction Cup



Despite this condition, he’s fairly healthy, in good shape and ready to fight crime, probably.



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