Marauding Gangs Of Armed Migrants Set Up Blazing Road Blocks To Stop Trucks In An Attempt To Climb Aboard And Head To Britain

Gangs of migrants have once again started setting up burning road blocks in Calais to halt lorries heading to the UK so they can climb aboard and hitch a ride.



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After France dismantled the Jungle camp in the northern town last year it was hoped migrants would disperse across the country. Instead, they continue to flock to Calais to try and make their way to Britain and tensions are now starting to boil over. Video footage shows how migrants have placed burning trees across a motorway. In the shocking footage men are seen waving clubs at truck drivers, as they try to board the UK-bound lorries.

Marauding gangs of armed migrants set up blazing road blocks to stop trucks in an attempt to climb aboard and head to Britain


The Calais migrant camp was razed to the ground in October meaning some 10,000 refugees waiting to get into Britain were moved across France. They have now started filtering back towards the north coast in an attempt to launch a fresh bid to reach the UK in the warmer summer months.

Marauding gangs of armed migrants set up blazing road blocks to stop trucks


With the uncertainty of Brexit and with the French government going though a transitional period under Emmanuel Macron, the border could be seen as a soft target by those looking to cross it. At the end of May a French official warned of a fresh surge of migrants in Calais trying to get into the UK just six months after the notorious Jungle camp was closed.



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