Martial Arts Master Demonstrates How Destroy a Man’s Groin in 100 Ways

Learning martial arts techniques is a useful way to learn a discipline and defend yourself from attackers. This rings especially true for women who may have to neutralize a threat, who are frequently male, by hitting their most vulnerable part: the groin. Good thing a revered master is here to help.

Master Ken is a martial arts expert who runs his own instructional web comedy series ‘Master Ken’s Privates’ on YouTube channel EnterTheDojoShow. Here, he demonstrates how to attack a man’s privates in a hundred different ways.

Groin Attack

He dismisses effective martial arts moves and techniques and teaches a much better way to do it, albeit hilarious and satirical, through his own style called Ameri-Do-Te.

Groin Thrust

That’s actually 100 ways to stop a man from ever reproducing.

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