Master Butcher Shows How To Dismantle An Entire Tuna

Butcher Yuji Haraguchi shows off the knives and the techniques he uses to get every last bit of edible meat off a huge tuna (and keep it all looking nice for sushi).



Yuji Haraguchi is a butcher and owner of the fish market Osakana.

In this episode of Beautiful Butchery, Haraguchi shows Bon Appétit how to butcher a whole tuna and explains every cut of fish you would see at sushi restaurants.


yuji haraguchi


To do this, Haraguchi uses five knives: the Yanagi, which is used for slicing sashimi, the Mioroshi Deba filleting knife with narrow thin blade, the Deba single-edged knife used for breaking down the whole fish, the Gyuto versatile multipurpose chef’s knife, and the Yo-Deba. He breaks down the tuna into back loin, belly loin, pelvic fins, bones, and collars. From there, the cuts are broken down into saku blocks and sashimi like toro, chu-toro, sinews, sankaku, akami, tuna tartare, and aburi.


Master Butcher Shows How To Dismantle An Entire Tuna


This video is part of a series produced by and for Bon Appetit magazine called Beautiful Butchery. They’ve produced four films in the series, including videos on butchering a whole cow, hog and lamb.

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