Meet The Latest Police Car Chase Tool The Grappler Police Bumper

It looks like something out of a James Bond movie and sounds like a professional wrestler, but The Grappler is a new invention that could save innocent lives during high-speed police chases.

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Created by Leonard Stock of Arizona, it allows cops to remotely deploy a high-strength net from the front of their vehicle, tangling up other car wheels and stopping them dead – without doing the same to any hapless humans.
The Grappler has two extending arms that fit in front of the front bumper. As they lower, a strong nylon web is extended along them, until its front edge is being held in front of the police car, just a few inches from the road.
All the cop has to do is drive the Grappler close enough to the suspect’s rear wheel that it catches the net is then drawn up and around the rear axle, stopping the wheel from turning.

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