Men brawl in cinema after spotting one another with each other’s girlfriend after watching The Ex-File

Two men starting brawling in a cinema after they spotted each other with one another’s girlfriends. The couples, who had brought their ex-partners to watch the very aptly named film, The Ex Files; The Return of the Exes, were incensed when they realized what was happening.


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Spotting their current lovers with their ex-boyfriends sent the men into a rage and they started fighting.

According to other audience members at the cinema in the Wanda Shopping Plaza in Changsha, capital of Central China’s Hunan Province, both couples used to date.


The men start brawling as the lights go up


They decided to bring each other’s ex-partners to the hilarious film about exes. However, they did not expect to run into their current partners, who amazingly had the same idea.

In the footage the men are needing to be held held back by the two women as they have it out with each other, swinging fists and yelling “f*** you”. Other cinema-goers try to stand clear of the row.


The credits are rolling as the men fight


The clip has gone viral in China with more than 17 million people watching the action at the end of a showing of the hit rom-com The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes.

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