Microsoft Shows The Future of Football for NFL Fans

Microsoft’s new gadget could change everything about watching football and other live sports!

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Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 might pay homage to the game’s past, but the league’s technology partner, Microsoft won’t be looking back.
Wall full of field With HoloLens
A concept video was revealed Tuesday about the future of football, showing what it could be like to watch an NFL game with its forthcoming Hololens Headset. The two-minute video is an eye-popping illustration of how the new gadget can change the way we watch live sports. Wearing it while watching game on an average-sized TV could allow the video to spill well beyond the frame of the screen. Giving the wearer a wall full of field similar to the upper deck view of the stadium.
3-D graphics on a table top
Heads-up-display could make a 3-D graphics of your game’s stadium right at the table in front of you. Amazing right?

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