‘Middleweight boxing champion’ threatens to knock dad motorist out after stopping in middle of traffic

A dad has been embroiled in a road rage incident after a ” boxing champion” driver cut him up at 90mph before stopping in the middle of traffic to threaten him.


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“I’m a middleweight boxing champion, you know,” the man says in dashcam footage. “I’ll knock you clean f***ing out.”


The confrontation begins


The “boxer” in the silver Audi is said to have been flashing cars and speeding behind business director Kevin, 52, as he overtook vehicles on a busy dual-carriageway. Footage of the incident shows the impatient drive undertake Kevin, who withheld his surname, then veer between lanes in front of him in an apparent bid for revenge.


The confrontation begins


The row escalates when the driver, who was around 40-years-old and had a beer belly, jumps out of his car when they pull up at traffic lights and runs at Kevin to berate him. Kevin claims he feared the boxer wanted to ‘hit him’ as he tried to open his door, before Kevin informed him he was being recorded.


The irate Audi driver can then be heard warning Kevin to be careful as ‘you never know who’s gonna stop’ before threatening to knock him ‘clean out’.


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