Miraculous White Powder Breathes Life Back to Dying Fish

Fish are able to exchange gases and breathe under water through their gills. They pull in oxygen-rich water into mouths and pump it over to their gills. Basically, they get the needed oxygen to live through the water they swim in, and without it they suffocate and die. However, there is a miraculous white powder that can bring them back from the brink of death.

A fish is floating motionless in a plastic tub of water until a mystery white powder is sprinkled on the the surface. Within a few seconds, it comes back to life, swimming vigorously as if it wasn’t moments away from going to fish heaven.

Miracle Powder

The miracle life-giving white powder is definitely not cocaine, but sodium peroxide. According to Li Xiaozheng, vice-president of the Guangxi Fisheries Science Research Institute in Nanning, China, the inorganic compound can be used to increase oxygen in the water, giving the dying fish the essential gas needed to survive and immediately recover.

Live Fish

Perplexed netizens who shared the video online are now happy to know the answer to the mystery, with fish lovers jubilant with the fact that they can use the chemical for their sick pets.

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