MMA Fighter Breaks Down in Tears After a Savage Kick to the Groin

With not much restriction imposed in fights, a nut shot in mixed martial arts is not uncommon. It may be illegal, but accidents happen, and they can be painful.





An MMA fighter was introduced to a whole new world of pain when he was at the receiving end of a brutal kick to his nether regions during a heavyweight fight just seconds after the opening bell.



Nut Shot



Korean fighter Aorigele collapsed and cried in pain after his opponent Myung Hyun-Man delivered a powerful low kick that landed on his family jewels at their Road FC 39, prompting the ref to stop the fight. It was ruled a no-contest and Aorigele was immediately rushed to the hospital.



Crying Pain



It appears the pain’s going to reverberate up to the next generation, if he still manages to produce offspring.



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