MMA Fighter Punches Out The Ring Girl In Frustration After Losing The Judges Decision

He is the MMA fighter who is known as The Beast and Andrew Whitney certainly lived up to that name after this bout.

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Whitney was filmed punching a ring girl in the face after judges ruled he lost his fight against Farkhad Sharipov at Titan Fight Championship 42 last week. The professional brawler was on a four-fight winning streak and clearly expected that run to continue on Friday night.
In footage from the night Whitney can be seen standing beside the referee with one arm raised in the air to signal victory as the judges’ scorecards are read out. Television cameras focused in on the fighter, clearly also believing he had done enough to win the contest.
But in the end the fight was given to Sharipov prompting Whitney to lash out. In blind frustration he can be seen turning around while throwing his right arm out, fist closed, punching at the air. Unfortunately a ring girl happened to be standing just over his left shoulder, and catches the blow right on the jaw. Cameras quickly cut over to Sharipov as he celebrates, so it is not known what happened to the woman.

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