Model On Brazen Walk Of Shame Is Catcalled And Harassed As She Strolls Through New York In Her Heels And Dress From The Night Before

Whether you call it the walk of shame, or the stride of pride, it’s not an unfamiliar sight to see a woman walking in heels and her outfit from the night before without so much as her morning coffee.

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But would the people of New York notice that this woman’s little black dress and stunning hair was out of the ordinary for that time in the morning?

woman walk of shame in newyork

Model Devon Kab walk through the streets in an outfit that looked as though it was not quite fresh that day. Almost immediately, she was shouted at, with one man calling: ‘Hey, beautiful, have a great day! You not cold?’

woman walk of shame in newyork city

Another man offered her his jumper, while several called out to her. Although the women she passed were quieter, some couldn’t hide the looks from their faces and one even tutted under her breath. Devon walked through Wall Street, Freedom Tower and the PATH Station in Westfield Mall.

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