Mom Gets Fake Paedophiles To Attack Young Son To Teach Him Chilling Lesson

A mother has taught her pre-teen son about the dangers of paedophiles who prey on children on the internet in an incredibly shocking way.

The woman arranged for the 12-year-old boy, Thomas, to be lured over Facebook by a man posing as a 15-year-old girl named Amanda. The mum arranged the stunt with YouTube star Coby Persin.
Thomas tries to fight back as the men grab his arms
After exchanging Facebook and text messages the boy showed up at the home of the teenage “girl”, hoping to meet her in person. But in a chilling twist he was locked inside the house and cornered by two shirtless men who revealed that Amanda didn’t exist.
The boy is confronted by his mother and YouTube star Coby Persin
Thomas backs onto the sofa and begins to scream for help as the men grab his arms. The terrified boy kicks his legs and tries to fight back as he shouts: “Get off me, help.” Moments later his angry mum barges into the room and screams at him. Realizing it was just a stunt, Thomas puts his head in his hands as his mother lectures him.

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