Moment A Female Motorist Ploughs Into The Back Of A Learner Driver While Texting At The Wheel And Ends Up Hitting Herself In The Head With Her Phone

This is the moment a motorist ploughed into the back of a learner driver while allegedly texting causing her to hit herself in the face with her own pink phone.



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Driving instructor David Eckersley said his shaken student was left unable to drive for a month after the collision in St Helens, Merseyside. His rear dashcam footage shows how the Renault Clio driver accelerated and ploughed into the Suzuki Swift being driven by his pupil with the woman clearly grasping a pink mobile phone in her right hand.

Moment a female motorist ploughs into the back of a learner driver while texting at the wheel


The dashcam even catches the moment the reckless driver ends up smashing herself in the head with the phone at the moment of impact. After initially protesting her innocence, Mr Eckersley claims the woman’s attitude changed once he informed her that the whole incident had been caught on camera.

Moment a female motorist ploughs into the back of a learner driver 'while texting at the wheel' and ends up hitting herself in the head


The incident happened near the Moss Bank pub in Scafell Road, St Helens, last June. Mr Eckersley, who set up Swift Drive Driving School three years ago, said he hoped the clip would serve as a lesson to those who continue to use phones behind the wheel.



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