Moment Biker Racing His Friend At 118mph Is Catapulted Off His Machine Is Captured In Dramatic Headcam Footage

This is the shocking moment a motorcyclist crashed and was flung through the air as he was speeding at 118mph. Nicholas Pannell, 29, was racing through traffic in Devon at up tco three times the speed limit alongside fellow rider Joshua Illingworth, 30. The GoPro footage from Pannell’s helmet shows him steering into a corner too early and being catapulted from his motorbike as he hit the grass verge.





Pannell suffered fractures to his ribs and collarbone but he and Illingworth avoided jail despite a police officer describing it as ‘one of the worst cases of dangerous driving I’ve investigated’. They were brought to justice after police were called to the scene of the crash, near Modbury, Devon, and found Pannell’s detached GoPro on July 2 last year.
Moment biker racing his friend at 118mph is catapulted


Prosecutor Nigel Hall told Plymouth Crown Court that the video showed the pair ‘effectively racing through lanes of Devon and South Hams’ for 15 miles. He said the speedometer on Pannell’s 1,100cc KTM showed 90mph in a 30mph zone, and a staggering 118mph on country roads where the national speed limit applied.
Moment biker racing his friend at 118mph is catapulted off his machine is captured in dramatic headcam footage


The court was told that the list of violations during the ride was so long that investigating officers gave up writing them all. As Pannell shouted ‘Oh s***, oh s***, s***, s***’, he hit a soft hedge and was sent hurtling into the field behind.



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