Moment Two Thugs Take On An MMA Fighter Following Road Rage Incident

Shocking dashcam footage captures the moment a baseball bat wielding thug got more than he bargained for after coming up against a mixed martial arts expert. The recording shows a thug leaping out of his car and grabbing a bat from his boot following an argument with the driver of a Peugeot 206. After threatening the man with the weapon he then takes aim at the car which proves to be a very costly mistake.



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The unnamed man jumps from his car and walks towards the thug, expertly avoiding the swing of the bat before catching him square on the chin with a hay-maker knocking his foe clean out. The thug’s friend then rugby tackles the MMA enthusiast but also ends up in hot water finding himself in a vicious choke hold. Both men are seen wrestling to the ground before slipping out of view.

Moment Two Thugs


When the pair reemerge, the MMA fighter has his rival in a choke hold with him legs wrapped around the man’s torso for control. Finally, it appears as if the thug’s friend passes out before the MMA fighter throws him to the ground and retreats.

Moment Two Thugs Take On An MMA Fighter


A shocked couple filming the scenes are heard calling for an ambulance and police as the man walks back to his car in victory.



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