Motorcycle Hits Back of Car and Throws Rider High Up Into the Air in Horrific Accident

People riding motorcycles are perpetually at risk of getting involved in potentially fatal accidents for obvious reasons, more so when they are among dumb drivers plying the same road regardless if they are careful.





A motorcycle rider was thrown high up in the air after hitting the back of a car that was parked at the side of a busy highway at high speed in horrific accident.



Incoming Motorbike



Dashcam footage shows the motorcycle trying to evade the car taking the video after slowing down on the side of the other parked car along the Seletar Expressway in Singapore, causing the driver of the motorcycle to lose control and hit car’s rear. The impact was so strong it launched the back passenger high up in the air before landing hard on the ground.



Flying Rider



Miraculously, the two survived.



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