Need A New Razor? Well This Laser Powered One Might Just Be The Right Choice!

A razor that doesn’t irritate, shaves well, and doesn’t produce any waste. This was the inspiration for the team at Tech Bench to create the Skarp razor, a shaving device straight out of Star Wars. The main goal of their product is to have something that is useful for all of us and also be beneficial for our society, maybe not in the short run, but its long term effects can be awesome. (Less waste=less harm to the environment= Happy Environment)

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A lot of planning and conceptualization came into play while designing the razor or razer. Get it? Laser+Razor? No? ok…

Skarp Razor Design

The razor uses a special wavelength of light that produces a laser which effectively be used for shaving. Without it harming or causing irritation to the user.

Skarp Razor Function

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