Neighbours Take Brutal Revenge On A Man Who Has Stolen A Mobile Phone By Beating Him To The Ground

A group of neighbours brutally beat up a suspected thief who was thought to have stolen a woman’s phone moments before.

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Shocking mobile phone footage has emerged from Tucuman, Argentina of a young man being kicked, punched, and even appearing to be choked, after he allegedly stole a phone. But he was soon apprehended by the woman’s neighbours, who tackled him to the ground.
Another person whipped out a mobile phone to film what happened, as the group starts kicking and hitting the man as he lies on the ground. The man, barefoot, is lying on his side wearing a blue top and denim shorts. He is kicked in the back as a woman holds onto his arms and speaks to him.
One man punches him in the face as the group attempt to get the woman’s phone back. He is then slapped around the face before handing back the device to the woman, who leaves to give it to its rightful owner. Despite this, the beating continues, and the man is held down by another as the suspected thief clutches his face in pain.

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