Nine tornadoes hit in a day – sending debris flying through air as 95mph winds destroy trees and buildings

Nine tornadoes struck an area at once, leaving a six mile long trail of destruction as they ripped up trees and damaged homes and buildings.


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Shocking dash camera footage shows pieces of debris flying through the air at high speed during the terrifying storm in Wisconsin, US.


Debris flew towards the car


Meteorologists believe 10 tornadoes hit across the area, with nine in one day and a tenth recorded the next – bringing wind gusts peaking at 95mph. The last time ten tornadoes hit an area at once was six years ago in April 2011.

One of the twisters touched down at about 3.30pm on Wednesday and moved north-easterly, taking everything that was not tied down in its path.


The driver was shaken by the ordeal


Fox Valley Metro police say one man was injured by flying debris when a tornado tore the roof off a car wash building in the Kimberly area.

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