Octopus Jumps Out of the Water to Snatch a Crab for Its Meal

Octopuses are fascinating ocean creatures that exhibit intelligent highly adaptive behavior. And apparently, they know how to hunt out of the water, too.

When YouTube user Porsche Indrisie was out exploring the rocks at a beach in Yallingup, Western Australia, she chanced upon a lone crab moving to towards a pool of water and decided to film it.


Suddenly, an octopus jumped out of the surface of the water to grab the crab with its tentacles.

Octo Grab

The crab tried to escape to the other pool, but the octopus would have none of it. The hungry octopus held on to the crab and retreated back in the depths of the water to feast on its new catch.

Crab MeatThat’s another proof that creatures in Australia are out to kill you.

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