Officials Have Deemed This Olympic Figure Skater’s Routine ‘Too Sexy’

Two Olympic figure skaters, representing Canada at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea have been told to town down on their routine as they deemed it was too sexy for audiences.

Three-time medalist Scott Moir and his partner Tessa Virtue were forced to change their routine just before the winter games after the board of chairmen deemed it was too ‘suggestive’ and ‘edgy’ to perform for the judges and the audiences watching across the globe. The short clip shows the couple’s performance, the moment it became way too sexy for people to watch.

Olympic FIgure Skaters Asked To Town Down Performance

The pair has now since modified their dance routine from the apparently X-rated showpiece to something more in line and appropriate for Olympic audiences. The original move in question was said to be a risqué lift, which would have left many, presumably, hot under the collar.

The Routine Was Too Suggestive

It’s literally just a lift …

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