Ouch! After Getting N*ked, Man Gets Tasered And Hit With Pepper Balls

Police did a good job of being as gentle as possible. A naked Ohio man ran at cops with a tomahawk and bayonet telling them to shoot him. The standoff on October 1 between the officers and Sean Arbuckle, 52, was captured on police bodycam footage.



Colerian Township Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Arbuckle’s mother’s house at around 3pm. They found Arbuckle standing shirtless in doorway and asked him to step outside.
He responded: ‘I ain’t gonna do that.’ When asked why not, he said: ‘Because you’re gonna have to shoot me, man.’

Arbuckle then stepped inside the screened-in porch and removed his pants and started swinging a tomahawk at the officers. He then began chanting and closing windows and doors, eventually barricading himself inside the porch. According to police, he said that ‘no one was leaving alive’ and again told officers to shoot him.


Arbuckle swung at officers with a bayonet and tomahawk while naked despite being tasered


The Colerian police requested backup from nearby Springfield Township. They arrived on the scene armed with pepper balls, similar to pepper spray. Arbuckle then rushed outside with the tomahawk and a bayonet. Police tasered him and shot him approximately six times with the pepper balls.

He dropped to the ground and released the tomahawk, but still held onto the bayonet.


Police tasered Arbuckle and shot him with pepper balls in order to subdue him


Arbuckle stood up and continued to swing the bayonet at police officers, who then tasered him again. Police handcuffed Arbuckle and he was taken to the hospital.

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