Owner Finds His Pug In the Trash Bin After Discovering the Kitchen in Complete Disarray

Dogs can get in a bit of mischief when left alone running freely around the house. Even if confined inside an enclosure, they can find a away to escape and wreak havoc by chewing on the sofa and finding ways to access food among other things. This naughty little pug is one of them.

When YouTube user Viva Frei got home, he found his kitchen in complete disarray, and he instantly knew only his pug was the culprit.

Chaotic Kitchen

After searching high and low around the house, he finally found the suspect right at the scene of the crime: inside one of the trash bins.

Pug Trash

But instead of getting mad, he was quite impressed with the fact that the pug had cleverly found another way to his goal, despite the doors being securely closed.

I guess dogs have the will to always find a way.

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