Parents Use Hot Sauce Torture Method To Potty Train Children In Cruel Viral Video

A mother and father are under investigation by police after a video of them allegedly using hot sauce as punishment to their child went viral all over social media.

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The video, which was first uploaded on Snapchat, seemingly depicts hot sauce being poured down the child’s pants in a cruel attempt to potty train him — the video even has the caption saying, ‘potty training 101’. The father in the video can be seen bringing the child over his shoulders and pours a bottle of hot sauce down his pants.

Father Pours Hot Sauce Down His Pants

To make it even worse, after that, the father smears the hot sauce all over the young kid’s face.

But the mother of the child denied any physical abuse against the child. The clip is sped-up, which apparently skews what actually happened, according to the mother, and her kid was supposedly laughing just moments after the recording ended, claiming none of the hot sauce had made contact with her child.

Child Can Be Seen Crying

Despite her protestations, the mother has received online death threats, which has caused her to delete her accounts.

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