Patriarch Of The Georgian Orthodox Church Dunks Babies Roughly Underwater

An Orthodox Archbishop has caused controversy with his violent baptism methods.

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The Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, has been filmed roughly dunking tiny babies into a baptismal font, both legs-first and headfirst, in yesterday’s celebration of the Epiphany. Holding the infants firmly between his hands, the 84-year-old Russian forcibly spins the children round, splashing them into the water at a high speed.
dunking babies underwater
Needless to say, all the little ones have panic written all over their face as they are plunged under the water, and burst into tears afterwards.
dunking babies during baptism
According to Euronews, the patriarch blessed 780 children in the ceremony in Tbilisi using this rather violent method. Ilia II conducts mass baptism ceremonies four times a year as a solution to address Georgia’s declining birth rate.

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