Hardcore P0rn Plays On Big Screen At Busy Train Station After ‘Hackers Fed X-Rated Footage From Mobile Phones’

Hardcore p*rnography has been broadcast on a giant screen at one of India’s busiest metro stations.


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The incident has prompted red-faced rail authorities to launch an investigation, an official said, after footage of the bungle went viral online. Commuters were stopped in their tracks at the station in Dehli’s central business district of Connaught Place.


The screen playing the porn film as passengers walk by


The x-rated footage began playing on a large screen that normally broadcasts advertisements for luxury property or credit card schemes. One man stopped to film the scene on his mobile phone in a video which has gone viral before others reportedly joined him and uploaded their own clips to the web.


A commuter stops to film the scene


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spokesman Mohinder Yadav told AFP Sunday that authorities were trying to identify three suspects believed to be behind the incident. The incident made headlines in a country where talk about sex or even public displays of affection are seen by many as taboo.


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