Police Officer Gets Swallowed By Sudden Sink Hole — Refuses Help To Protect Others

Being a policeman has its fair share of terrifying moments, but this cop’s brush with death didn’t come from the hands of a criminal…

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Instead, it came in the form of a terrifying sinkhole. As this cop tries to cordon off a bridge during heavy rainfall, a massive sinkhole appears out of nowhere.

Sinkhole Suddleny Appears

He is stuck up to his armpits, but he bravely told fellow officers and civilians to stand back, fearing the sinkhole might get bigger and drag them down with him.

Police Officer Tells Fellow Officers To Step Away

He manages to wiggle himself deeper into the sinkhole, and fortunately, found an escape route in the bank of the river.

Cop Wiggles Deeper Into Hole

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