‘Possessed’ Chucky-style doll filmed talking and moving – despite having batteries taken out

A Chucky-style doll said to be possessed by a spooky spirit has been terrifying occult believers.



The scare emerged in Cusco in south-eastern Peru, after the child’s doll was filmed talking and moving despite having its batteries removed.

Video footage of the encounters has been seen by more than 61,000 YouTube viewers and tens of thousands more on social media.


The doll is seen moving and talking without batteries


In one clip, the blonde doll responds and moves its head as one man talks to her before she turns towards him and winks. In a second clip one local picks up the doll up and is startled when it says thank you.

Then it slowly turns its head to one side as the person holding it opens the battery pack and realizes it is empty. The doll keeps up a constant chatter of phrases like, “I’ll bring you your happiness”, and “Where am I?”


Some claim the doll is possessed


Many watchers believe the doll is possessed by a spirit . But some are suspicious and believe locals have been taken in by pranksters.

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